Medical Refill and Form Filling

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Medication Refill

For all medications, please contact your pharmacy to request the refills. The pharmacy will in turn fax us the request.

At Premier Medical Clinic, we always strive to provide the fastest service possible. But, please allow 48 hours for processing of your refill request. Due to high patient call volumes, the time is required to ensure proper documentation and verification of medication.
Please remember that Narcotic/Restricted medications:

Need to be picked up in person by the person whose name is on the prescription. The only exceptions will be patients who are disabled and can’t come in person. In that case, only one previously-designated person is allowed to pick up the prescription for him/her.
Are usually provided for only one month at a time. No refills.
Are not allowed to be sent to other states.

Form Filling Policy/Letters

If you have any form that needs to be filled or a letter than needs to be written by providers, please drop off the form at least 72 hours before it is due. Please indicate specifically why you need that form/letter.

Our staff will call you to inform you when your form/letter is ready.