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School physicals


A comprehensive physical examination helps your provider spot medical problems at an early stage so that they can be more easily addressed and managed. These include high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, and diabetes, to name a few. Your physical can also be a good time to pinpoint any potential weight problems that could lead to obesity, and we can counsel you on some simple ways you can manage the problem.

In other cases, a physical exam may be required for pre-employment or as part of an occupational medical exam. Whatever the reason for your physical, these exams can be crucial to your overall health. This is why FastMed makes it easy and convenient to get one any day of the week, right in your own neighborhood.

What is a physical?

Although physicals vary depending on their purpose and the provider, most consist of the following:

  • Medical history: This involves a review of any past or current concerns, an evaluation of lifestyle or behaviors, such as smoking, diet, and exercise, as well as a check of your vaccinations and an update of your personal and family medical history.
  • Check of vital signs: During this portion of the exam, your blood pressure, heart, and respiration rates will be checked, as well as your temperature.
  • General appearance: Your examiner can learn much about your health simply by observing your appearance. He or she may look for signs of mental quickness, examine the health of your skin, or even observe you as you stand or walk.

Additionally, most physicals include an examination of the following:

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Head & neck
  • Abdomen
  • Reflexes, balance & muscle
  • strength (neurological)
  • Nails & skin

In some cases, you may also require lab tests, such as a blood count, urinalysis, and chemistry panel. Other tests may be needed if potential medical problems are detected.


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